Hotel and home automation public address system

Requirement and application of hotel

A large hotel background music and emergency broadcasting system is the indispensable subsystems of modernization of the hotel building. According to the needs of the hotel building, public address system includes three functions.First is in the specific region specific time playing background music, to provide a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere,  the system also has a function to the emergency broadcast function at the same time,when there is in fire and other emergency situations provide alarm signal or emergency broadcast.The system is connected with the fire protection system, and a set of loudspeaker is used in the fire control system, and a fire alarm signal is sent out in the corresponding area when a fire occurs. In case of emergency, the system switches to the state of emergency broadcasting, the call station and the microphone to do a good job in a timely manner to evacuate the crowd and command the work, to ensure the safety of personnel and property.


Hotel and home automation IP Network Audio system

Multiple zones

The large hotel always with multiple zones, basically each layer or each region to be a zone,  IP system solves this problem, each terminal has an IP address,it is a zone can also be an arbitrary terminal combination into a zone, and flexible.

Multiple programs play at the same time

Each terminal can be set to play different content, a program corresponding to a terminal, they don't interfere each other. Terminal  independent volume control.


Optional paging

Through the IP network paging microphone or a computer on the network,install the workstation software, which can achieve the broadcast speech,it can refer to the whole terminals, some terminal or one terminals


Timed playing

Upload the programs which will be played everyday and time on the server, and make the plan of playing ,the system will be played automatically according to the plan


Real-time playing

The external audio (cassette, CD, a microphone, etc.) is connected with the audio server real-time compressed into high quality data stream, and sent through the network broadcast, terminals can receive real-time and through the speakers to play.


Two way intercom

Between the paging microphone and the terminal , the terminal and the terminal can realize two-way intercom function. For daily communication and emergency communication. Each terminal support intercom, customers can freely choose according to their requirements.


Free on demand

Each terminal supports free on demand functionality, allowing audio files within a remote server on demand


Fire alarm broadcast linkage

The fire alarm system and background music system integrated with a very versatile public address system


Intelligent control of system power supply


Permission level setting

The main control room has the first priority, followed by the timing source, more signals are better than background music.


Reception control management

Install a control system software at the reception ,also it can play local music at any time , breaks temporary information, do not interfere with the main control room source programs  ,convenient to manage.

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