Bank IP intercom Network System

System Introduction

With the developing of society, financial plays an important role in the social development , Cash in metropolis, we can see the bank outlets everywhere, people deal with banks more and more intensive, the service had relatively big problem .Such as ATM TUNKA, ATM cash finished, not even meet real-time call in dangerous situations to branch between branch ,to manage all of the network points. Our IP Network Intercom System plays an important role for the bank.


Banking status and demand.

At present, banks pay more and more attention to the financial terminal customer service (ATM crime prevention, deterrence, warning) counter service (service satisfaction and service supervision), business hall service (background music, news bulletins, financial products and customer service release) and customer calling service (Call center service),on the one hand to improve the service level of banking supervision and service level, to improve the service image of the bank, on the other hand, need to upgrade the self-service financial terminal and the counter terminal, and to enhance customer satisfaction and security.In the bank self-service terminal service hall, business hall, service center (Call Center)  and speech applications ,there are a variety of office and service area, security center, bank and voice broadcasting two-way intercom system has become the indispensable means of daily service and management.How to build a centralized, hierarchical management, unified maintenance, stable operation, extended voice intercom integrated network platform to facilitate both audio and video linkage, linkage, fast relief, silver alarm warning, remote deterrence, remote control and other functions, strengthen financial crime prevention, enhance the security, customer service satisfaction, improve the management level the bank, service and management is of great significance.


Feature of Two way IP Network Intercom system

Emergency help

When users encounter emergency signals through the timely issue of network terminal on a shortcut key ATM card, difficult and dangerous in the self-service banking, start for two-way intercom at the same time, and contact the bank guard on duty. The operation is very simple .

Emergency signal

Start for two-way intercom at the same time, and contact the bank guard on duty. The operation is very simple .

Two way intercom

Central bank and local branch can talk at any time;  the branch between the branch also can call for each other at any time; through the INTERNET network center, it can also talk with the online bank branch; it;s convenient and efficient.

Paging broadcast

Such as the bank leader through the broadcast to all outlets staff speak, issued Interim notice.

Local broadcast

The duty manager of each branch can release the temporary information and notice of the branch by broadcasting.

Automatic music bell

Full automatic playback music bell, remind the bank staff on and off time.

Background music

Play background music, provide a relaxing and pleasant working environment.


ATM self cabinet emergency and business consulting

Such as the voice intercom terminal can be a key to start, quick call monitoring center or room staff on duty, timely help.

The remote monitoring center and command voice calling

Such as the monitoring center or the duty room can be directly call  one-way broadcast paging under the jurisdiction of one or more business outlets.

ATM Cash replenish for help

When there is no cash in machine, we can make a key to help from the bank staff to add notes

Alarm broadcast

The system can access the fire alarm signal and realize the fire control linkage. Terminal with strong cutting function, can control the three wire system. If there is emergency situation when the background music is playing t, the system automatically put into the alarm signal.

Vault intercom and intercom recording

The monitoring center computer room configuration CD player to achieve background music playback, also can realize recording program or banking information, through the management workstation configuration automatically loop


Seamless combination of monitoring and control system

The system can open protocol and port, which is controlled by the video surveillance system. It can realize the unification of the audio and video main picture.


Business hall broadcast paging

Computer can call multiple terminals, partitions,and  the region, also a single terminal can also call a number of other terminals, partitions, the region.

A microphone is connected to the terminal, which can be carried out by local information


Real-time broadcast

IP system real-time gathering and broadcasting function, it can: Radio, tape recorder card, CD player, MP3 player, microphones and other program real-time acquisition real-time compressed into high quality data stream is stored to the server and according to the requirements and broadcast to the specified network adapter, for in sowing external radio and radio to inform.


Monitor recording

Real time monitoring and recording of the surrounding environment of the ATM machine. Start monitoring will be automatically carried out at the same time, it can also be a separate start site environment recording function.

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