Expressway emergency broadcasting

Expressway  emergency two-way intercom voice system demand


In recent years, with the continuous progress of society, the continuous deepening of reform and opening up and the rapid development of economic construction, high-tech technology plays an important role in every field. Video surveillance systems, emergency broadcast system and fire alarm systems are also increasingly used in various industries and aspects. In recent years, With the traffic information system reform deepening, public broadcasting system has been widely used in traffic system in the daily production and management. At present, traffic system as an important transportation departments, its stable operation daily determines the national production, the normal operation of the life. In addition, many transportation systems division, dispersed locations, complex environment of the scene become daily maintenance work of the main obstacles. In the interior of the traffic system in the implementation of video surveillance system, emergency broadcast system and fire alarm system, can solve those contradiction. The various driving safety information in a simple, fast way to transmit to each driver is expressway  informationization construction is an important sign, this can let the driver timely grasp of ever-changing road traffic information, can maintain the smooth flow of road and improve the efficiency of the road transportation. Especially when sudden natural disasters and emergencies, the management center staff can timely release of emergency dispatch information organization grooming vehicles and personnel is one of reducing casualties and property damage emergency measures, usually also can take advantage of this system is flexible publish highway maintenance and construction condition or traffic information, weather forecasts, etc. By in remote command control center or local monitoring center can be achieved for all of the monitoring, tunnel, bridge and along the environmental monitoring, greatly reducing the workload of daily visits to, to facilitate the timely detection of hidden danger, ensure safety in production and transportation

Therefore, we have chosen the advanced IP Broadcast Command and Control System for the highway, the system is a set of IP-based data transmission network audio PA and emergency systems, it may be in the same LAN segment, cross-gateway in the LAN or on Internet use, now is the mainstream direction of the development of digital Transtech.


This System main application areas as belows:


Expressway Management Center

Implementation of Expressway Management Center for each toll or toll booths business intercom, background music, publishing notifications


Toll Gate

For the business intercom between the toll gate and management center, the toll gate where the staff can listen to your favorite music on demand via the remote control program, etc.


Service Area

Idle can play background music, policy advocacy, advertising advocacy,Broadcast notificationat or scene command in case of emergencythe,etc.



Emergency police assistance


Expressway  emergency two-way intercom voice system feature


Timing program broadcast

Each network adapter of IP broadcast network has a separate IP address,can receive personalized broadcast regularly separate server program, timing playback operation can  be set to upload the program on the Internet through a computer


Specific area alone broadcast      

Through IP network paging or a computer network, install the workstation software, which enables radio address, notice may specify a broadcast to all, or part of a single terminal


Remote control

Command control center can through desktop IP network MIC to roll gate remote broadcast , broadcast notification, to convey information, call personnel,etc. but also can carry on remote propaganda at the expressway remote alarm propaganda to divert traffic, deal with traffic accidents etc.


Select regional temporary broadcast

Expressway management center  can broadcast toll gate ,the service area and the tunnel will be broadcast point random combination,timing groud or single-point radio programs


Linkage video

If the monitoring center or duty room can be directly under the jurisdiction of one or more sections of the network to conduct one-way broadcast paging


Different regions at the same time playing different content to broadcast

Has multicast capabilities, toll gate, service areas and broadcasters point of tunnels can simultaneously play different broadcast content


Dial Intercom

Dial-up  two-way intercom toll gate and dispatching centers, when toll gate have the event of a vehicle accident or the driver don't want to pay, you can quickly call dispatching center to help handle it.


Emergency broadcast


In expressway tunnel / bridge area set the alarm for help point, when the owner is driving the process encountered in emergency situations or failure of the vehicle, through the help terminal one click fast call to the nearest service area management center, will be have timely guidance and help




Each broadcast point can be broadcast with a broadcast management center, sub-control radio stations or other broadcast point, two-way voice intercom


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