Campus Digital IP Network Audio System

Analysis of Campus Digital IP Network Audio System

 At present, the campus digital IP Network Audio system is based on the application of campus teaching and management needs of the design of the pure digital P network transmission voice integrated solution. Scheme based on CP/IP network communication protocol and digital audio technology, and now internet integration, not only can broadcast, live, on demand. Breaking through the limitation of traditional broadcasting.

After digital sampling and coding of the audio signal of the communication initiator, the data packet is transmitted to the receiver in the form of the local area network and the wide area network, and the receiver is decoded and reduced to audio signal. Digital P campus broadcasting system can realize the school morning and evening self-study training, classroom interaction teaching, fire broadcasting system linkage, remote voice teaching, emergency voice broadcast, partition page and other features. Morning and evening self-study hearing training, with automatic, mandatory features, is conducive to the creation of a strong natural language atmosphere, so as to help students develop the habit of daily language. Can replace the current voice class "textbook + tape recorder" teaching methods, teachers use the remote control operation, to achieve interactive program on demand. Intelligent control terminal, with fast digital positioning and repetition, transmission and other functions.

Campus digital IP Network Audio system in the physical structure and the integration of the campus network, to share the internet teaching resources to provide a convenient, able to play digital course ware, and digital real-time broadcast of online radio. Education departments at all levels can make radio or course ware according to the regional concentration of excellent teachers resources, and then realize the true sense of distance education through the network broadcast. Has the course ware resource conversion, multi-channel real-time broadcast, leadership speech, mining online automatic music bell function.


Campus IP Network Audio system - the function of the public address system

Timed play background music

The digital IP terminal has an independent IP address, which can receive the personalized timing broadcast program of the server. Teachers will need to use the teaching materials or courseware stored on the server hard disk, and use special software to prepare the broadcast program, the system will be realized by the task of the full automatic broadcast. The background music is played by no man on duty, and according to the actual demand of the user, the mode of weekly, monthly and daily cycle is working, the whole system control mode can be manual or automatic;


Teaching mobile phone broadcast, free broadcast

The teacher controls the distribution of the digital IP terminal in each classroom to complete the arbitrary order of the database in the audio server. Simple and convenient operation. Can be completely abandoned on the foreign language class with a tape recorder to the classroom teaching methods, teachers only need to use the remote control to select the appropriate course content, click play! No need to rewind, in complicated operation.


Real-time speech broadcast

The external audio (cassette, CD, radio, a microphone, etc.) is connected with the audio server real-time compressed into high quality data stream, and campus network by sending broadcast data installed in different classes of digital broadcasting terminal can be received and real time through the built-in speaker for playback


Play multiple sets of programs at the same time

Each terminal can play different programs at the same time, and really realize the requirements of campus listening test.


Fire alarm linkage

The system can access the fire alarm signal and realize the fire control linkage. Terminal with strong cutting function, can control the three wire system.


Paging intercom

Through the IP network paging microphone or any computer on the net, can specify all, local or single terminal, realize the radio paging. Workstation software also supports remote paging across Internet.

Broadcasting Conference

IP phone terminal paging a plurality of IP phone terminal, terminal paging through the key way: for about / stop talking, initiated the paging terminal can to recover the right to speak.


Telephone broadcast control

Network remote Inner Mongolia Radio, broadcasting division, to broadcast a variety of call mode; with telephone hang up detection, signal sending and receiving, amplifying function, anti-interference capability is strong.


Leader paging speech

Leader through the campus network of any one computer, connected to the microphone, that is able to achieve the broadcast speech, can specify all the radio or local radio, support by Internet remote radio.


Playground wireless remote control

When raising the national flag, we can play the National Anthem in the playground through the IP wireless remote control, any time control, you can also choose to play any other track, simple and quick.


Paging management

Through the Internet network, the total campus can control the schedule of the sub campus, to achieve remote management.


Quick call center

Between the microphone and the paging terminal between the terminal and the terminal can realize two-way intercom function. For daily communication and emergency communication.


Permission settings

The main control room has the first priority, followed by the timing source, more signals are better than background music.


System expansibility

Adjust the communication is simple and convenient, increase the terminal can complete system expansion.


Classroom independent broadcasting

Each classroom can be divided into a separate area, can be any one of the classroom into a combination .


Backup constant pressure broadcast

IP broadcasting terminal with constant pressure backup module, in the construction of IP broadcast at the same time, responsible for establishing backup module interface of the a line backup to IP broadcast terminal, combined with IP network broadcast system, implement backup constant pressure broadcast system. With the board of education examination to heavy standby broadcasting system, dual and work requirements. The switch between backup and IP broadcast is automatically completed. In the network is not blocked or other fault conditions, the use of backup and pressure on the radio broadcast directly to the point of. The formation of double insurance in the senior high school entrance examination and college entrance examination in English listening.


Group call and broadcast

A plurality of IP broadcast terminals are divided into a group according to a region or a function, and a group calling code is arranged. In IP phone terminal end of the input group call code, can achieve fast and designated group and broadcast communication, but also can simultaneously with a plurality of group communication and broadcasting.


System expansion is easy

As long as there is a network of places, access to IP radio terminals and speakers can be combined with the IP broadcasting system.


Transmission distance and coverage area are not restricted

The IP broadcasting system based on digital IP network transmission, the signal is not with the extension of transmission distance and attenuation, it will not be disturbed by the electrical characteristics of transmission environment, the whole process of transmission to ensure lossless. Relying on the existing IP network covering cover environment and the quality of network bandwidth, the coverage of IP broadcast system can easily break the limit of traditional broadcasting system of regional. Metropolitan area network, wide area network can become the carrier IP network broadcasting system.

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