Airport / station / prison / hospital IP Network Audio System

IP Network Audio Systems application and demand for airport

   Public address system is essential important publicity equipment in  airport terminal, it is an important means of airport management departments play airline flight information, registration and broadcast, urged the boarding, reach broadcast, special announcement, emergency notification and other linguistic information,it's one of the main ways for passenger to get the  information


   The main function is to provide the airport public address quickly and timely, clear voice service to the passengers and the crowd. The public broadcasting system based on the airport must have outstanding performance and reliability. Even in the baggage and other places is very noisy, the broadcast message must be clear and easy to understand.


IP Network Audio Systems application and demand for station


   We all need transport when travel. The station flow is big, like the bus station, railway station, high-speed railway station and subway station location so busy every day,it need to repeat broadcast a lot of information and notification. Only  use of public address system can ease the pressure on artificial broadcasting. People often go to the station are clear, each broadcast content if no accident are very accurate, especially train and train arrival time, this is no any error, so we can see how important of public address system for station.


IP Network Audio Systems application and demand for prison

   Prison is a place for jail time, management of the criminals, detainees for all kinds of criminals, held and difficult to manage, safety is primary security factors


   As the country 's penalty execution of prison authorities, as a special place of the education and reform of criminals, should keep up with the times the pace of development, full use of high technology and play its due role to improve prison supervision safety coefficient and transformation of education quality.


   In order to further improve the level of science and technology in prison, reduces the labor intensity of the police officers, timely and effective real-time control personnel of be in custody, for emergency situations timely treatment and it need to install a set of IP network intercom system in prison.


According to the prison in various regions, different requirements of each broadcast time, broadcast and control of the entire prison public address system. Dedicated to the prison in the management center and the management center and the dormitory prisoners between alarm, intercom, monitoring, surveillance, broadcasting , audio and video can also be applicable to other environment quiet and its monitor sensitivity high places. To meet the requirements of the voice of all areas of the prison play, notice of the speech, automatic music ring tone, alarm for help, business communication, security, broadcast teaching, real-time monitoring, remote command and demand to meet the prison for a variety of personalized voice.



IP Network Audio Systems application and demand for hospital

Public address system also plays an important role in hospital,in addition to the system of appointment registration, station to station, collect fees, security monitoring etc., digital public broadcasting system also began has been applied more and more. And the main application of hospital broadcasting system is: hospital notice, background music, the hospital's daily operation and management, etc.


According to the hospital infrastructure digital, information requested by the hospital public address system ,using existing IP network construction based on optimal allocation, improve the overall performance of the system and meet the requirements of the background music and public service broadcasting. Experts building, waiting building, administration building, inpatient department, outdoor park area layout background music horn, broadcasting system using IP network can realize the manual and automatic playing background music or radio paging; each section office, conference room, operating room in a normal closed state, in an emergency situation, can be forced to be volume controller open and hear emergency broadcast.


Functions of Airport / station / prison / hospital IP Network Audio System


Timed background music player

Each IP Network terminal has an independent IP address, you can receive a separate server personalized timing broadcast program. Timed broadcast operation, but also through the computer in the online setting.


Radio control center for paging

The main control center for each area issued an emergency order or management broadcast content, can also be directly used IP network call station, according to the local area network can be any arbitrary port paging.


Internet radio broadcast

IP Network audio system can be through the network radio software to receive the INTERNET radio program is converted into IP network broadcast data format, real-time playback of the network voice terminal. Such as the voice of the United States, BBC, CNN and other domestic special language radio, etc..


Real-time speech broadcast

IP Network real-time gathering and broadcasting function, can be from real-time acquisition program with other sources of compressed storage to the server, and according to the requirements and broadcast to the specified network broadcast terminal adapter. Recovery of multicast source can be other commercial or personal use radio, audio cassette, CD player, MP3 player, microphones and other, for broadcast notification.


A key for help

Both between the terminal and the terminal ,computer and terminal with two-way intercom. When calling (intercom), use the remote control to direct input is called (intercom) terminal address code, but also through the buttons on the panel select terminal address. The total control center can see the situation at the scene by monitoring


Alarm broadcast

For example when there is a meeting of the conference room, the background music used volume controller closed, when the region fire alarm and the cutting control lines will be forced open and adjust the volume to maximum volume switch is and smoothly connected speakers, realize the fire alarm. When a fire or other emergency situation, emergency alarm broadcast to cut off the alarm music is broadcast, give priority to the people to evacuate the scene.


Voice intercom recording

The monitoring center computer room configuration CD player to achieve background music playback, also can realize recording program or voice prompt information, through the management workstation configuration automatically loop.


Seamless integration with security monitoring system

   The system provides a complete software dynamic link library, which can be used to synthesize a full range of security system with the system server of the monitoring center. It is an ideal choice for video surveillance system.



   Main control room and sub control room can be monitored by listening to the sound of each area of the scene, if there is an accident can be prevented in time to prevent more serious things happen.

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