How many new products are launched under branded wifi ceiling speakers ?
Every year, Foshan Dongchuang Audio Technology Co., Ltd.strives to introduce new products, and the number depends on the situation. In the development process, we gradually expand our research and development capabilities. wifi ceiling speakers we developed has been widely acclaimed and immediately became a bestseller.

Dongchuang Audio is an integrated manufacturer specializing in the research and development, design, production, and sales of dual wireless microphone. As one of Dongchuang Audio's multiple product series, dj power amplifier series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. During the designing stage of Dongchuang Audiodj mixer amplifier and speakers, the designers will carry out a water test based on this product with the aim to pick out the right treatment system to remove different particulates. The sound of this product is loud and clear. This product has superior quality and stable performance than other office accessory alternatives. It has high practical value and functionality. The product can work continuously and stably for a long time.

To uphold green production, beyond reducing waste and properly utilizing resources, we are also seeking a more environmental-friendly packaging way. For example, we hope to reuse cardboard boxes or turn the discarded papers into environmentally friendly packaging materials.
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