Is in wall ceiling speakers tested before shipment?
In wall ceiling speakers is tested before shipment and this inspection is completed based on regular QC Evaluation, or depending upon customer requirements. Samples are selected and inspected for flaws at random, according to those criteria and procedures. For all those, Pre-Shipment Inspection is an important measure in the quality management procedure and is the method for checking the quality of in wall ceiling speakers until they're sent.

Foshan Dongchuang Audio Technology Co., Ltd. is an experienced and professional company based in China. pa amp designing and manufacturing is our specialty! As one of Dongchuang Audio's multiple product series, professional speaker series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. This product consumes much less energy than traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, which helps to save much electrical charge. This product features many output ports that give greater connection flexibility. In the local the product enjoys a certain reputation and visibility. This product has been certified under CCC, CE, CB, and RoHS.

Sustainability is embedded in the entire process of our company. We work hard to improve our production efficiency while complying with strict environmental and sustainability standards.
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