Quality assurance of best desktop microphone
In order to ensure product quality, Foshan Dongchuang Audio Technology Co., Ltd. has created a complete set of quality control systems. We will analyze and evaluate desktop microphone to determine if they meet the required performance specifications before being introduced to the public. In this business society, maintaining a quality management system is critical to all of us.

Dongchuang Audio has achieved great improvement in the manufacture of computer microphone. Now, we go far ahead of the market. As one of Dongchuang Audio's multiple product series, pre-amplifier series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The production process of Dongchuang Audioprofessional power amplifier involves casting, acid pickling, electroplating, accurate grinding, and heat setting. All these procedures are handled by skillful workers. This product is perfectly used for large demonstrations or meetings. This product is over and above our rival's product, and yet we're able to sell it at the same price. This product requires no software or drivers to start up.

We are turning to earth-friendly business methods. Our green initiatives mainly start from reducing energy resource wastes, seeking environmental-friendly packaging ways, and cutting energy consumption during production.
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