What about CFR/CNF of wireless singing microphone ?
If you want to order a relatively large quantity of our products, the most economical transportation method is sea shipping. We offer various shipping terms, such as FOB, CFR/CNF, CIF, and others. Under the CFR/CNF agreement, we will arrange and pay for the shipping of the products by sea to the destination port, as specified by you, but insurance is not inclusive. If you need to trade with us under CFR/CNF terms, please contact us before you place order, we then offer you our CFR/CNF quote. At Foshan Dongchuang Audio Technology Co., Ltd., we ensure on-time and safe shipping.

Dongchuang Audio is one of the reliable manufacturers of stereo pa system in China. Our in-depth understanding of this industry and product have helped us achieve this distinction. As one of Dongchuang Audio's multiple product series, professional microphone series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The modern and stylish design of this product is pleasing to the eyes. This product is absolutely a smart addition to the office or school accessories. Its built-in password protection prevents unauthorized access. Dongchuang Audiohas customers and partners in many countries around the world. Made of premium aluminum materials, this product can stand up to any bumps.

We work to maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior in all of our dealings with our customers, our suppliers, and each other.
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