What about CIF of dual wireless microphone ?
Foshan Dongchuang Audio Technology Co., Ltd. promises to offer the most affordable price for you. Contact us now! By working with the most reliable forwarders, we can guarantee that your wireless mic will be safely sent to the port. What's more, we will pay insurance and freight fee by working with the most trustworthy partners. According to international conventions, we will offer reliable insurance cost for the safety of your goods.

Dongchuang Audio is an integrated manufacturer specializing in the research and development, design, production, and sales of active loudspeaker. As one of Dongchuang Audio's multiple product series, horn loudspeaker series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. Dongchuang Audiopa speaker will go through quality tests in terms of its dirt and contaminant absorption and anti-bacteria capacity to check its overall water purification ability. This product is not susceptible to humid environments. The product has appeared relatively strong competitive advantage recent years. Made of premium aluminum materials, this product can stand up to any bumps.

We have achieved some progress in our environment protection. We have installed energy-saving illumination bulbs, introduced energy-saving production and working machines to ensure no energy is consumed when they are not in use.
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